Saturday, January 1, 2011

Daily Shoot: January 1st.

Project!, originally uploaded by LauraSplat.

This being January 1st, I have embarked on my Daily Shoot project. Today's assignment:
2011/01/01: Make a photo illustrating a fresh start, a new beginning, or the first step to a goal. #ds412

This picture is the first papercraft box I've made. My stepmother Barbara makes the most wonderful crafts, and while I've been here in Oregon, she's taught me how to make these really cool boxes. This is the cover of the box, with the decorative paper, the ribbon, and the book binding holding it all together. I have another stack of books that will go on top to mash the whole thing flat while it dries.

This is a fresh start since this is a new area of crafting for me. After the drama and upheaval of the last year, I am starting out this year with a fresh perspective and a new hobby.

Happy New Year!

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